This page contains an explanation of the Nouryon Specialty Chemicals Customer Portal.

If you experience issues with the usage of this portal, you can reach us through our contact form.


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Order Overview

  • There are 2 sections in the portal:orders and invoices.
  • Depending on your authorization you will see either only orders or both options;
  • Filters allow you to search for the order you are looking for
  • With 'pagination' option you can navigate to older orders
  • The orders in the list can be clicked for more details
  • The column shipping status gives you an indication in which status the order is;
    • Registered; Your purchase order is received and processed with an unique order number. When a Sales Order Confirmation is available as download the order is confirmed.
    • Picking & Packing; There is an ‘Estimated Goods Issue date’ and the order is transferred to our site to prepare for loading
    • Shipped; There is an ‘Actual Goods Issue date’ which indicates the shipment has left our site
    • Invoiced; An invoice document is available
  • In the last column of the order overview table you can download the Sales Order Confirmation if it is available
Order Overview page

Order Details

  • Order details are presented in the detail screen
  • Order status is indicated and the options are:
    • Confirmed
    • Picking & Packing
    • Shipped
    • Invoiced
  • The item list shows details on the order items for this order
  • Via the 'Your invoices' link you are directed to the Invoice overview prefiltered on the specific invoice
  • The 'Relevant documents' section can contain several downloadable documents that are related to this order like:
    • Sales Order Confirmation
    • CMR
    • Delivery Notes
    • Packing List
    • Certificate of Analysis
  • The Certificate of Analysis often is linked to a line item in the order. In that case you can find it in the last column in the table with order line items.  
Order Details page

Invoice Overview

  • The invoice list can be approached by clicking the 'Invoice' link in the main navigation (if available to you)
  • The invoice list is similar to the order list
  • Filters can be used to find the specific invoice 
  • The last column of the invoice list contains the downloadable invoice PDF (if available)
  • When approaching from an order detail, the filter will be automatically set to the respective order/invoice combination;
  • When clicking an invoice, the invoice detail screen will appear;
  • Only invoices for which authorization is given are visible
Invoice Overview page

Invoice Details

  • Invoice details are shown
  • If the 'Actual Goods Issue' date has a value, the order has been shipped
  • Gross and net weight of the order are displayed
  • The 'Your invoice document' section contains the downloadable invoice when available 
  • Line item details are shown in the table of the bottom
Invoice Details page